You donít have to reinvent the wheel.

I did it for you.

Waterwheel Plans

When I decided to build a waterwheel ten years ago, I could not find plans or even a decent drawing or photograph to help me. I had to design and build my waterwheel from the ground up. It took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time. I built and rebuilt until finally I got my design to look good, and more importantly, work well.


Now my waterwheel runs continuously from early spring to late fall. It is a focal point of our landscaping, and has given us hours and hours of pleasure.


Drawing on my lifetime of experience as a† draftsman/designer and woodworker, I have developed a complete and detailed set of plans. You can avoid the frustration I went through by using these plans to build a waterwheel for yourself. You will find this waterwheel simple to build, easy to maintain† and very satisfying to own.

Bob Barnes

210 Bowerhill Road

Woodstock, ON

Canada† N4S 2N4

The plans for the millhouse are now available, as well as a new set of plans for a portable waterwheel. I also have many photos of waterwheels that have been built from my plans. To showcase this, I have created a new website with more information. Come have a look.